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Benefits of Getting your Daily Green Vegetables from Superfoods Drink Mixes

Greens on the go. Eating fresh, organic greens is not always easy for those on the go, but it's completely critical to our health. Green drinks offer an easy, tasty alternative. Superfood usually comes in powder form so you can just scoop and mix with water, yogurt, or soy milk.

All Day Energy Greens Review

We could all use extra energy, but not all of us enjoy expensive Starbucks coffees or energy drinks- not to mention all the negative effects from too much of those things. That is precisely why I began searching for a daily supplement I could use for energy that is natural and good for my entire body. I looked into and ordered a variety of 'energy grass' supplements and was surprised at how they vary from company to company.Buy Now

Energy greens/energy grass refers to a mix of plant derivatives, fruits, veggies and other nutritional, natural products all ground up and served together in a convenient powder. As with most health supplements, quality DOES matter and the product will vary from company to company, despite being basically the same thing. I believe IVL's Energy Greens are better than other brands I've tried, and worth the price.

For starters, this company does a fantastic job of providing nutritional and background information about their products. They have NOTHING to hide because it is 100% organic, natural, and of outstanding quality. They WANT their customers to know what's in it and where it comes from. I don't doubt for a second other companies grow their plant products using pesticides and other chemicals- good luck finding that out about most other supplements! I'm allergic to some artificial additives, so I'm happy this company makes it easy to find out whether I can use a product or not.

This product does have a taste so that matters a lot too. I tried a similar product from Amazing Grass that came in all kinds of flavors that, in my opinion, tasted terrible. The plain version of that brand tasted and smelled a lot stronger, which made it difficult to mix. I did try it for awhile, since I paid for it, but I didn't see the same results.

With the All Day Energy Greens IVL brand I experienced a ton of benefits:

  • A large increase in energy, much more than I ever had with coffee
  • Healthier, stronger looking skin/hair (even cleared up some minor blemishes!)
  • More regular digestion; alleviated some ongoing stomach symptoms I had
  • Overall healthier feeling

It's easy to see where this supplement's power comes from. The ingredients are all listed and include important vitamins and minerals, kelp, maca, ginger, essential fatty acids and probiotics....all things you can research yourself, and 100% of them benefit the body in some way. They detox your body, help your skin and hair, aid digestion, and give you tons of vitamins and minerals. This is a much easier way to get them in your body than taking a multivitamin, digestive supplement, cleanses, and all the other products you'd have to use together to equal this one amazing one. Energy grass has become a daily part of my health routine, and I am seeing and feeling it's positive influences everyday.


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