All Day Energy Greens

Benefits of Getting your Daily Green Vegetables from Superfoods Drink Mixes

All Day Enegy Greens

Health experts have considered the green drink mixes as an excellent option to reach optimum health condition. The greenest greens are the most effective tool for health wellness. It is also suggested to mix drinks and not settle in a single green superfood drink alone.

Green Vegetables that are Considered as Superfoods

Wheat Grass

The sprouting of a wheat grass is the biggest advantage why they are better off than a wheat grain. It stabilizes the blood flow inside the body. It also stimulates metabolism and promotes smoother digestion. Its enzymes contribute to weight loss. Weight loss is actually manifested through the elimination of unnecessary fats in the body. These enzymes have a cleansing effect on the body as well.

Barley Grass

A drink mix made out of barley grass is a good calcium supplement. Researches have found it to contain ten times more calcium than a cow's milk. A significant level of B-complex is suspended is each drink mix, which brings the body anti-viral ingredients. It also neutralizes the metal-content of the blood in the body.


The chlorella algae are found in fresh waters. It has a high protein profile just like most aquatic plants do. It also contains Vitamin B and C, D, E and K. Its effects directly address the supplement needed by the immune system.

Other Green Leaf Vegetables

The highly nutritious means of drink mixes are through the extract from green vegetables. Some people, especially children are not inclined into eating much (even just some) of them. This is where the drink mix comes into the picture. When a drink mix is made out of a combination of green vegetables like the leaves of a bitter gourd, the different varieties of lettuce, cabbages, turnips, kale, parsley, broccoli, and spinach, they collectively lower the risk of developing body ailments and diseases like cancer, diabetes, anemia and leukemia as well as heart disease.

When making a drink mix out of green vegetables, you use the raw ones. This utilizes every nutrient contained in each vegetable. When they are cooked, the nutrient content of these leaf vegetables is virtually eliminated, thus, discouraging their essence. They also provide healthier digestion because of the many enzymes common in every leaf vegetable. Alternatively, or if it cannot be helped, you may also use powder mixes, which also provide the same benefits.

Here is a sneak-peek on some other benefits green superfoods bring to the human body.

Boosts  metabolism

Green superfoods extracted to produce drink mixes are best to be taken first thing in the morning to achieve their effect of activating the brain and boosting the metabolism for you to get going through the day.

Contains antioxidants

The green pigment from the leaves of these vegetables is rich with antioxidants that fight off harmful free radicals so they may not cause trouble in the body or diminish the health.

Reduces appetite

It does not necessarily prove that you may lose weight out of green superfoods drink mixes. It is more of stabilizing your food intake based on the need of your body, thus avoiding over-eating.

Green vegetables may have been the healthiest and safest supplement yet known.

As with any supplement, statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or curè any disease.

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