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Rose Hips: Heart Health and the other Benefits!

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Improving the heart health is one of the top priorities of people today, which is why many are doing their best to include various fruits and vegetables in their daily meals. Fruits and vegetables are known to help improve the health of the body in general and this includes the heart. However, not known to many people, there are also other natural elements that can help improve the heart’s health specifically. A clinical study has revealed amazing results relating the rose hips fruit powder to enhancing heart health. This study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition has discovered that blood pressure and cholesterol has significantly been lowered among obese people who are taking powdered rose hip beverage on a daily basis. This result is linked to lowering the risk of acquiring cardiovascular diseases.

What are Rose Hips?

Rose hips are found on the rose flower petals’ lower part. They are the rounded portion where the seeds of the rose are situated. They appear like tiny berries, which bloom during a specific season of the year. They are either red or orange in color. These tiny berries can then be processed and powdered so they may be used as healthy beverage alternatives that can help in improving the health.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Rose Hips?

Prior to the study conducted on the effect of rose hip extracts on the cardiovascular condition of the human body, it has already been cultivated as a medicine for fighting off flu, colds, and respiratory ailments. Some research studies conducted on rose hips have also found its benefit over curing arthritis.

How Does Rose Hip Prevent Heart Complications?

Rose hips improve the cardiovascular condition of the body because it lowers cholesterol and the overall blood pressure. It also treats glucose intolerance in the body.

The recent study that proved its effect over improving the heart health was conducted over obese patients. Six weeks of a rose hip therapy were done among a pool of 31 obese patients. A control group was asked to take rose hip powder beverage and another group was advised not to. At the end of the study duration, the blood pressure of the control group who had to drink rose hip extract has significantly resulted in the following reductions:

  • Total Cholesterol - 4%
  • Bad Cholesterol (LDL Cholesterol) - 6%
  • Systolic Blood Pressure - 3.4%
  • Stoke 25%

Systolic blood pressure refers to the top reading in getting your blood pressure. On the average, these reductions have resulted to lower the tendency of developing heart diseases in humans by 17 to 18%.

While studies have proven heart diseases as the primary contributor to the level of mortality in the world, another option has been found in what history have considered as just a flower that convey beauty and has a unique fragrance.

Why Try Rose Hip Treatment?

After ages of using the rose hip as a treatment for certain joint ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and back pains, studies have pushed to considering it as a fruit. It is advocated that it should already be considered as the fruit of a rose plant. Rose hip treatment is safe, because of its herbal nature. Its fiber content also helps in lowering cholesterol, which will then help in improving heart health.

Just a single dose a day of this remedy for one to two months and the result could eventually be manifested in the overall condition of the human body more specifically with the activities of the heart. Psychologically, as it stabilizes the blood pressure of the body, it also gives the person a positive attitude.

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